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Helping To Prioritize Your Child’s Best Interests

Going through a divorce is an undeniably difficult process. When there are children involved, matters can be much more complicated. To overcome the emotional challenges of a custody battle, you should consult with an experienced family law attorney who can help you find the best possible solution for your child’s needs.

At Del Re Law Group, P.C, our lawyers are experienced in handling a variety of family legal matters, including parental allocation and visitation. With an office in Waukegan, we represent parents throughout Lake County. We know that these issues are sensitive, and we will help you prioritize your child’s best interests throughout your case. We are committed to helping you and your co-parent find an agreeable solution that you will both feel confident about, whether through mediation or in court.

Understanding The Difference Between Allocation And Parenting Time

In Illinois, what was formerly known as “child custody” is now referred to as “allocation of parental responsibilities.” Even though only one parent is given allocation, both parents are equally expected to share parenting responsibilities. Because of this, the term “visitation” has also been replaced by “parenting time.”

When deciding who will receive parental allocation, the court will evaluate your overall parenting ability. This includes the type of home you provide, your financial status and whether you or your child has any severe medical conditions. It is not a matter of pitting one parent against the other, but rather, about centering your child’s best interests by finding the best possible environment for him or her to grow up in.

Experience With Highly Contested Cases

If you are facing a heated dispute with your parenting partner regarding parental allocation, we have the skills to protect your parenting rights in court. Our firm’s founding attorney, David R. Del Re has handled hundreds of contested allocation cases. He knows how to fight for your interests with aggression, as well as dismiss any unsupported claims made against you. Most importantly, our team will also work with psychological experts who know how to make sound recommendations that lift up the needs of your child in trial court.

We know how important it is for a minor child to have a relationship with both parents, and we understand how scary it can feel when a parent is not given parental allocation. Our team will work hard to ensure that you are given the appropriate amount of parenting time that both you and your child deserve.

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