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Committed To Finding An Agreeable Outcome Through Mediation

Family legal matters can be emotionally overwhelming. When the circumstances are tense, you may not want to go through a full-blown lawsuit and may prefer setting your differences aside to find a reasonable resolution as soon as possible. In this case, you may benefit from hiring a family law and divorce mediation attorney to handle your dispute for you.

At Del Re Law Group, P.C, we have the mediation experience you need. From our office in Waukegan, we have been mediating family law issues like divorce or custody matters throughout and around Lake County since 2000. No matter how complex your situation is, our lawyers are committed to helping you and your spouse work through difficult and sensitive issues so that you can reach an agreeable outcome.

How You May Benefit From Mediation

There are many advantages to choosing mediation over other legal approaches. Unlike litigation or arbitration, hiring a mediator means you will not leave your decisions up to the court. Our mediators will serve as a neutral third party, facilitating discussion and negotiation between you and your spouse so that you can reach a favorable agreement.

Additionally, choosing mediation allows you to save more time and money spent on your legal matter overall. Whether you are dealing with property division issues or are concerned about post-marital support, our mediators will help you find creative and effective solutions so that you can wrap up your legal case as soon as possible. This will save you the cost of investing in hours of legal representation in court, and in the long run, will also save you and your spouse unnecessary emotional exhaustion.

Discuss Your Needs With An Illinois Mediator

At Del Re Law Group, P.C, we know that each family is unique, and we are ready to tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. To discuss your concerns in a confidential setting, schedule a consultation with us by completing our contact form or calling our office at 847-625-9800.