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In Illinois, a DUI is treated as a serious offense. If you are convicted, you may face harsh penalties, including revoked driving privileges, heavy fine payments and a tarnished driving record. To tackle a DUI charge, you need the guidance of an experienced defense attorney who can help you determine what steps to take in order to protect your rights.

Our lawyers at Del Re Law Group, P.C, are experienced in handling various criminal offenses and traffic tickets, including DUI charges. From our office in Waukegan, we represent clients throughout and around Lake County, and we possess a strong understanding of Illinois’ driving laws. We know that the potential consequences seem daunting, and we are prepared to help you preserve your driving freedom as much as possible.

Helping You Build A Strong Defense Against DUI Charges

If you have been pulled over by an officer in Illinois for suspected drunk driving, it is likely that he or she measured your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) using a Breathalyzer. As long as you hit .08 percent on the Breathalyzer, your license is subject to immediate suspension for at least six months. While you have the right to refuse the test, doing so will only increase the length of time that your license is suspended for, bringing the duration up to one year.

Although it may seem that all hope is lost, our lawyers have the skills to identify potential grounds for defense. Perhaps the officer who pulled you over carried out the test wrongly, or maybe you did not know you were intoxicated in the first place. If you believe you were wrongly charged with a DUI, we can help you build a strong case in your defense so that you do not have to face any unwarranted punishments.

Evaluating Your Options To Get Back On The Road

If your license has already been suspended, whether recently or a while ago, our team can assist you with the process of reinstatement. Being able to drive legally is essential to everyday life in Illinois. By reviewing the state’s driving laws and advocating for the progress made in your driving record, we will help you find out what your options for getting back on the road are.

Subsequently, we are prepared to step into court with seasoned litigation skills, representing you before the secretary of state with a strong argument for why you deserve a valid driver’s license or alternative solution.

Let Us Defend You

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