Compassionate, Results-Driven Representation


  • BEYOND impressed working with David Del Re. He oversaw a very difficult case – yet during each hurdle, David was always on point and sincerely tuned in. I respect his intelligence, and calm, personable demeanor. David’s dedication and expertise guided me through the finish line, which I’ll always be grateful for. I highly recommend David Del Re, and kudos to Courtney as well!
    Short, sweet, and to the point.

  • David is thorough with his words and says them quickly. I assume and believe he does this FOR his clients. He knows we all have bills to pay and is certainly aware of that. He is a no nonsense type of guy. I couldn’t be more pleased. Straight shooter. Again, thorough and knowledgeable. Also, his staff is exceptional. I was referred to David by someone else who hired him. Thank you David
    – 100% Satisfied

  • David was recommended to me in 2016 when I went through my divorce. He gave me excellent advice then which helped me in 2021. I hired him again when my ex tried to get out of paying alimony. I had full trust in him and we settled our case to my satisfaction. He showed empathy to me which meant a lot during such a difficult time. Courtney is fantastic as well, always helpful and courteous. The entire staff worked together well to keep me up to date. I recommend David to anyone in need of an excellent lawyer. I am so grateful he was recommended to me when I needed one.

  • David recently represented me in defending against a post-judgment matter, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result!
    David knew the laws and he didn’t waste time on issues that were irrelevant. I also appreciated how responsive David and his legal assistant Courtney were. I’d always get a reply the same day I had any concerns.
    I 100% recommend going to this law firm!– Best attorney and best law firm!

  • Mr. Del Re did an excellent job for me. He is a compassionate lawyer with the ability to be a tough litigator. His charges for his fees were reasonable and the outcome justified the expenses incurred. I highly recommend him.– John

  • After having a bad experience with my first attorney, and thousands of dollars waisted I was worried about hiring a new attorney. I was referred to David by a lake county judge, he Is that respected. My ex had a top partner at one of the biggest law firms. David had no problem standing up to her and standing up for what was best for my child. David and Courtney were very responsive and there for me whenever I needed them. Would recommend David to anyone who needs a family attorney!– Rachel

  • David Del Re and all of his associates are helpful, understanding and patient. They all take the time to explain the process step by step so that you completely understand what is going on. Law and all of its proceedings can be overwhelming especially when you are not in that field of work and dealing with the emotions of divorce and or custody. David and his team were very epithetic towards me and I know they treat each of their clients the same way! I truly feel they do their very best to do what is right for everyone involved most importantly the child(ren). I have referred a few friends of mine to him and they have all been happy with him as well!– I couldn’t be happier!

  • David has been my attorney for nearly seven years, representing me during my divorce and in all post-decree matters. He and Fiona were always punctual with scheduled appointments/teleconferences and his firm’s correspondence and invoicing kept me fully apprised as to how my case was progressing. David was especially adept at being able to balance zealous advocacy while maintaining compassion toward my ex-spouse post- decree when she elected to file certain matters and represent herself pro se. As a practicing regulatory attorney, I was able to understand many aspects of my case though David would frequently (and in a timely fashion) bring up nuances of law that we needed to further evaluate. His thorough representation made me feel as though I had a trusted advisor who actually cared about the outcome of my case and who wanted me to understand even those nuances that I would otherwise have most certainly overlooked. David is a model attorney that others should aspire to be.– Professional, Ethical and Client-Minded

  • I was fortunate enough to find and use the services of David Del Re and his law practice to assist in a custody battle. I was able to get Sole Custody of my 8 year old daughter and after several years of having to go through the ringer with my ex, David was able to take on my case quickly and execute so we were on the offensive instead of on the defense in our case. He used the proof or information I had and put it to good use so we were able to have a likely outcome and in the end in Trial. As a proud Father I would definitely refer David and his office to any person who is looking for someone to have their back and be efficient to serve the Best Interests of the Child. So glad I hired this lawyer and you should too..– Received Sole Custody

  • David and his team did a great job for me. I was not well-informed going into my divorce but David and Fiona were very patient in advising me as to matters of law and how to protect my rights in court. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with a divorce…no matter if it is a mutual agreement or not…no matter if you have kids or not…you need an attorney looking out for YOU..– Very Effective and Aggressive In Protecting Clients

  • Getting a divorce is incredibly stressful and I hope I never have to go through it again. If I do, I will hire David and his team again in a heartbeat. Even though it was terribly confusing sometimes I was always able to get an answer to my questions as the process steadily ground forward.-David Del Re Did A Great Job For Me

  • Getting a divorce is incredibly stressful and I hope I never have to go through it again. If I do, I will hire David and his team again in a heartbeat.– Great Job!

  • I was referred to David by another attorney (he is that well respected in the community) decision ever. Just finished a 4 day trial with him (post decree work) and he slaughtered opposing counsel who charges almost 50% more than him! He KILLED it! Nobody can hold a candle to David. Previously I have worked with Beermann and Berger Shatz, 2 prestigious firms, both of which are awful! They severely over charge for jr. attorneys and you never know who is going to court for you (whomever is available). David represents his clients 150%, is EXTREMELY familiar with the law (child support statue just changed and opposing counsel didn’t even understand it). He is VERY well respected by colleagues and the judges. This is extremely important to your case. He contacts you when he needs to, doesn’t over-prepare… is considerate of your dollars. His staff is great too, Courtney is a doll. DON’T EVEN THINK TWICE, HIRE DAVID FOR ALL YOUR FAMILY LAW ISSUES.– BEST DIVORCE ATTORNEY, CREME DE LE CREME.>

  • Mr. Delray and his associate were wonderful they kept to the task they were in court for me they constantly checked with me to see how things were and that I agreed with. I couldn’t have asked for any nicer more professional than Mr. Delray. he is on time. Does not keep you waiting. – Pension

  • Hired David years back. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. I had to revisit my prenuptial agreement for clarification matters regarding my business and David not only took the time but actually explained in layman terms the overall picture in whole and my rights. I was impressed how he not only designed the prenuptial but the time and questions he asked me years back which can protect me in the future if ever needed. Highly recommend David and his firm.– Prenuptial Agreement

  • I did some research and met with a couple of other attorneys before I found Del Re Law Group, P.C. I was seeking relocation and primary physical allocation for my son I had from a previous relationship. We were never married, and we had been primarily structuring a custody schedule on our own without court intervention. We split our parenting time quite equally, but my husband was being relocated for work out of state. I was told by one lawyer that I had no chance of succeeding, and another that didn’t give me the attention I felt I needed to feel comfortable moving forward. When I met with David for our initial consultation, I left his office feeling like I had found what I was looking for in an attorney. An honest, down to earth, no nonsense attorney with integrity. I moved forward, with a very restrictive timeline, approximately three months between filing for relocation and allocation, to the date we had to leave Illinois. My sons father fought us very hard, and his lawyer ultimately used whatever gutless tactics she could to portray me as an unfit mother. David and Kat (another AMAZING attorney in his office) and their team took my emails, frantic calls, and answered them quickly, and not to mention kept me calm through one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. We ultimately did end up going through a hearing, which resulted in an agreement, but only because our judge urged us to because he was going to grant me the relocation. But regardless, it was the professionalism and character that my attorneys conveyed through their work that got us that far. If anyone asked me to refer them to an attorney I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend their office. And while David was an absolute hard hitting lawyer, Kat Allen was my go to contact that kept me in the loop and was always capable of speaking to me on my level and extended empathy for the circumstances. They beyond saved my life, because without their services I can’t say what position my family would be in now. My sons father and I still maintain a close relationship, and a liberal parenting and visitation schedule, because that is what was important and that is what we have dedicated ourselves to doing. I’m forever grateful I found Del Re Law Group, P.C. – Personal and professional team that went above and beyond.

  • I was in a custody fight for my 2 children. After a year and a half with my first lawyer and thousands of dollars spent I was nowhere. I found David and after my first meeting with him I felt very confident with him on my case. He was very honest with me telling me that my case would not be easy being a father fighting for custody. From the beginning he took charge and I was extremely pleased with the way he handled my case. If you think any lawyer has the time to be at your beckon call you have never dealt with lawyers. They have a ton of cases and are very busy. David always responded to my emails and questions and took the time to keep me informed. After a long case and a lot of frustration with the court system, David worked very hard to win me custody of my children. He is well worth every penny I spent on him. I would highly recommend David to anybody who is looking for a lawyer. David is a lawyer who knows what he is doing and won’t waste your money.– A lawyer worth hiring

  • I was fortunate to find Attorney David after my previous attorney took me for $13,000 over 3 weeks. David was honest, professional, kind, and a strong advocate for my little family (during a difficult divorce and child custody case). I would recommend him to anyone looking for an individual who is fair, a good listener, and excellent at communicating (without charging all those hidden fees). – Fortunate to find David R. Del Re

  • Getting a divorce is incredibly stressful and I hope I never have to go through it again. If I do, I will hire David and his team again in a heartbeat. Even though it was terribly confusing sometimes I was always able to get an answer to my questions as the process steadily ground forward.-Outstanding, Compassionate Attorney

  • He has the ability to dissect a case with absolute calm. Nothing seems to rattle this guy or distract him from his goal on a case. He and his team helped me and my family a great deal.– I’ve never known another lawyer more prepared or focused.

  • David R. Del Re represented me very recently regarding an Emergency Motion that was filed by my ex-spouse. Prior to being introduced to David, I was working with what was considered by many trusted friends, as one of the biggest and best family law firms and attorney in the Chicago area. What a joke! The bottom line- after wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars with another firm, David provided me with the best representation I have ever had. No attorney has ever shown such passion, care and understanding of the situation and more importantly, the law. Needless to say, David prevailed in the matter of the Emergency Motion that my ex-spouse filed. David was successful in persuading the judge to deny my ex- spouses demands outlined in her Emergency Motion. He has proven himself to me like no other attorney I have engaged with. David is a true winner!– Simply Awesome!!!! The best Divorce Attorney in Lake County Bar-None!

  • I have worked with him on several matters and have been impressed on each and every one. His work ethic, attention to detail, and overall legal abilities are outstanding.– David is one of the best lawyers in Waukegan.

  • After looking into a few lawyers to use for my divorce, I chose David Del Re, and it was definitely the right choice. David was professional from the minute I walked in. David got the information he needed from me, was very clear about the steps that would be taken and what the process would entail. I didn’t feel rushed and he didn’t leave me with questions or uncertainties. Everything through the process was done in an efficient and timely matter. When emergencies arose during my case, David Del Re and his office were able to quickly do what needed to be done, getting emergency court dates and paperwork in quickly. David’s knowledge, professionalism and personality made this process a lot easier than it would have been otherwise.– The right choice