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How does legal separation work in Illinois?

As is the case in other states, Illinois law allows a Lake County couple who need to live apart but who, for whatever reason, do not want to go through a full divorce to ask instead for what is commonly referred to as a legal separation.

After a legal separation, the couple remains married in the eyes of the law. This means that they are not legally free to marry another person. On the other hand, it also means that they may be able to claim some of the benefits reserved to married couples.

Misdiagnosis a common cause of malpractice claims

According to recent studies, misdiagnosis remains the main reason patients file medical malpractice claims against their doctors.

In one of these studies, in which those responsible for the study reviewed 1,800 closed malpractice claims over 5 years, determined that almost half, over 45%, of them could be attributed to a misdiagnosis or, on a related point, a delayed diagnosis.

Damaging allegations often emerge in family law disputes

Anyone who has been in a relationship or has raised a family knows that the calling can be very stressful at times. Particularly when relationships are not going well or even failing altogether, emotions can run high. People often do things that they ordinarily would not in these situations.

It is no surprise, then, that in our law firm's experience, criminal allegations and other serious accusations often arise in the context of a family law or another domestic relations matter.

Penalties for an Illinois DUI are steep

Any Illinois resident who has been through the process probably knows that a drunk driving charge in this state is never a minor affair. Even first-time offenders can face significant penalties that can really affect their lives. Moreover, a repeat DUI, or a DUI with other aggravating circumstances, come with harsher penalties that can include jail time and even a felony conviction.

Even if jail is not on the table as a practical matter, a Lake County resident accused of drunk driving will have to deal with a suspension of his or her driver's license. For a first time failure of a blood or breath test, a person will serve a 6-month suspension. For subsequent offenses, the suspension is for one year.

Texting and driving could soon cost your license

Drivers everywhere know the dangers of using your phone while driving. Distracted driving is a nationwide problem with 1-in-4 drivers found to have used a cell phone moments before a crash. Illinois lawmakers are pushing to increase penalties for drivers who can’t put their phones down until they reach their destination.

The new law would impose more severe penalties on drivers found using their cell phone during a crash. Fines would increase from $75 to $1,000 and a one-year suspension of their driver’s license. Distracted driving kills thousands each year and many of those using their phones while driving are our youngest drivers.

How to successfully transition to joint child custody

When parents divorce they often share custody of their children, which can be a challenging endeavor since it involves cooperation between two adults who typically have tension between them. However, joint custody can be the best way for children to stay close with both of their parents, especially if the parents are willing to put their children's needs first. 

US company investigated for dangerous air bag defects

While car accidents are often the result of driver error, manufacturing and design defects can also cause or greatly exacerbate crashes. And it seems as though these problems have become more frequent in the past decade or so.

Most Americans are familiar with the Takata air bag scandal of the past few years, wherein the Takata Corporation supplied dangerous and defective airbag components to numerous automakers. The air bag inflators can inflate with too much force, exploding and sending shrapnel into the cab of the vehicle. The defect has so far been linked to 23 deaths and has led to millions of vehicles being recalled. Unfortunately, a similar problem seems to be occurring here in the United States, and the investigation into it has been unacceptably slow.

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