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  • I can’t say enough wonderful things about the process with Kat. I needed a divorce executed very quickly – within just a few weeks, from start to finish. Kat got us a court date, wrote up all necessary documents. She even had time to thoroughly vet our incredibly creative parenting plan. She asked thoughtful questions and took time to ensure my understanding of the process and outcomes. She and her team incorporated our edits to paperwork swiftly. She gave me great advice and made the whole divorce a lot cleaner and easier than I hoped for! Truly a professional.
    – Terry McCasland

  • After a lot of research and meetings with other attorneys I met Leigh (Kat). Prior to our meeting, as with all the other attorneys I provided some background information. Kat took the time to read the information I shared prior to our first meeting. She knew exactly what needed to be done advised me and did a fantastic job handling a very messy post decree matter. She is an amazing attorney. If you need help with family law, stop looking, hire Kat, she’s very reasonable on fees and does a great job!

  • Thank you very much for all of your hard work and wise counsel. You have helped me to achieve something that I have dreamed of for many years, and now I can finally spend more time with my kids. We had our first Thanksgiving together in eight years, and this weekend I got to take my daughter ice skating and my son to play basketball. When I originally got divorced in 2011 the parenting plan was terribly inequitable. Ms. Allen helped me to achieve a much more favorable and fair outcome. She is hard working, responsive, and she is an excellent negotiator. I would not hesitate to hire her again in the future.
    – Sincerest gratitude from a divorced Dad

  • Kat, is such a wonderful lawyer. She not only cares about your case and what you are hoping to achieve, she cares about you as a person and how to help you completely. I have no idea how I would of gotten through my divorce if not for her expertise help. Through my tears and struggles, she was there to help map out my future and keep my immediate concerns at hand and my best…
    – Emotional Divorce

  • My husband has been a father to my daughter basically since the day that they met when she was two years old. It just came naturally. If you didn’t already know our story, you wouldn’t think otherwise. When we got married, WE (my daughter, my husband and I) got married. When I had my other children, they were always OURS. The only things missing were her last name being the same and that little technicality of her not legally being his. She had asked for this to be changed for years. We met with David Del Re and he walked us through the process. He introduced us to Kat Allen, who took over from there. She was very thorough and very timely, not to mention patient. We had all of the paper work and bugs worked out before we even stepped into court. She made sure that this process would be as smooth as possible. When the day came and we officially became one unit, she was prepared for everything. It went so smooth. It truly was one of the happiest days in our family’s life. Kat followed up with us afterwards and made sure that we had everything that we needed. She was amazing. We can’t thank her enough for making this day possible for us.
    – Adoption

  • Kat did a beautiful job walking me through this challenging process. She was always extremely patient and willing to explain information in a way that I could completely comprehend. There was never any doubt that she had my best interest at hand. I am grateful to her for making this difficult process quite seamless. I highly recommend her to others going through the divorce process.
    – Sara

  • Ms Allen is very detailed and organized. She answers questions in a timely manner. Also, she has answered questions after the divorce in a timely manner. I would recommend Ms Allen.
    -Divorce Attorney

  • Kat and the team in her office were absolutely wonderful in dealing with my case over a span of 18 months. When I first met Kat, I was hoping for an “open and shut” case as this was what my ex wife and I were interested in – however I had prepared myself for the case going to trial as I knew my ex wife too well. At the end of the day, I got much more than what I wanted and in the long-term, my lower monthly support payments are substantially less than what my ex wife was trying to obtain (and less than I had in mind going into the case). The case was settled on the day the trial was to begin, based on recommendations from the Judge which I gladly accepted. Everyone in Kat’s office was very professional in dealing with my case. When Kat was on maternity, her colleagues took over and dealt with issues professionally. This review is not just about Kat’s abilities, but the entire team at her firm. A word of advice for anyone hiring an attorney for a divorce – go with someone local, who only focuses on family law and has a strong team behind them. Kat’s knowledge of the Court, the other attorneys, the judges and the details of Illinois law allow her to be well respected in the judicial community. – Excellent Family Law Attorney
    – highly recommend her and her firm!