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Whether you are going through a divorce or dealing with a complex family law issue, it is likely that you are going through an emotional time. To ensure that you will make the best possible decisions for your family and yourself, you need the objective guidance of an experienced lawyer.

At Del Re Law Group, P.C, our lawyers have been handling countless family legal matters for clients throughout Waukegan and Lake County. Our services include:

No matter what legal matter you are going through, you can be assured that we know the relevant Illinois laws and have the skills to help you achieve the best possible solution. If you and your spouse are particularly interested in avoiding trial, our skilled mediation attorneys are ready to help you resolve your issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


We Can Help You Draft A Prenup Or Postnup

While nobody enters a marriage hoping to divorce, it is still worth considering a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to protect your assets from unforeseen circumstances.

One advantage to creating a prenup or postnup is that you and your spouse are likely to be on more amicable terms at the time of drafting the documents. This means you can set more agreeable goals for post-marital life, rather than making decisions during a heated argument. When it comes to matters of property division, a prenup or postnup also gives you a say in how your assets should be distributed, rather than leaving it up to the court to decide.

Whether you are interested in creating one or would simply like to learn more, we can help you. Our team is experienced in drafting prenups and postnups according to the unique financial and sentimental needs of each couple.


Modifying Or Enforcing Existing Orders

Even if the court orders issued at the time of divorce made perfect sense, anyone can go through unexpected life changes. If your existing court orders no longer suit the circumstances of you and your family, you may be eligible for a modification, and our team will advocate for your needs in court.

If you need to enforce an existing order against a noncompliant spouse, we can represent you in this as well. When a spouse has violated a court order, he or she may be subject to covering the legal costs of getting an order reinforced.


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