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  • Ms Fiona McCormick is a very knowledgeable and qualified attorney in Lake County, Her and her team helped me with a difficult divorce case due to ex husband not wanting to comply at all, she worked really hard for me and my best interests. They are very good at communicating with their clients, her Assistant Rachel is awesome too!! I highly recommend them if you need a very good lawyer to take care of you and work on your case effectively.
    – Highly Recommend Fiona McCormick

  • Fiona is a caring and professional lawyer who stuck by my side for what has to be the longest and most miserable divorce case ever! I’d need more than 4,000 characters to really explain what happened and how amazing she was during this ordeal. There were constant twists and turns, unexpected delays and ridiculous games played by my now ex-husband and his attorney that at times made it seem like the case would never be finalized. Fiona stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process. She always took the time to explain everything to me. She consciously tried to keep me updated and calm, every step of the way, especially when she had to tell me things she knew I would be upset about. She made sure I understood my options and provided sincere encouragement along with her professional advice in a manner that showed honest concern for me and my future. She is smart, caring, and compassionate while being firm and strong in the courtroom. I can say for sure that she can handle difficult situations and difficult people, always keeping what’s best for her clients at the forefront of her actions. I can’t thank her enough for her patience with me and for always keeping me well informed about every single thing, both big and small, that came up during my case. She is an excellent attorney and I would not have wanted anyone else representing me. I highly recommend Fiona McCormick.– Exceptional Attorney

  • Fiona was recommended to me by a co-worker and came into a pre-existing case that was both not going well and dragging on over a year. Within a month of digging in Fiona and her firm completed the case and saved me in excess of 100k over the coming years. Coming from such a difficult experience to Fiona and team was literally life changing for me. The stress and anxiety was crippling and as soon as they began work, that was almost entirely removed. This coupled with the financial savings as a result of their effort, I couldn’t either thank or recommend Fiona and team enough!

  • Fiona McCormick was recommended to me by a friend. Fiona did an amazing job of squaring up to my ex-spouse’s corporate employer who’d stopped paying my alimony for no reason and was refusing to discuss the matter with me. Within a couple of months Fiona had “persuaded” them to start towing the line again and reinforced their legal obligations. Fiona is a solid attorney who doesn’t play games, she just gets the job done! I would highly recommend her and know I can rely on her if I experience any further problems.
    – Highly recommend!

  • I can’t speak highly enough about Attorney McCormick and her staff. Ms. McCormick’s professional integrity and knowledge of her practice area are beyond exceptional. The attention to detail and timely responses from her and her staff are very impressive, I really appreciated their efficiency and communication throughout this very difficult time. Ms. McCormick’s and her staff are extremely professional and I would recommend her and the Law Firm of David Del Re to everyone!
    – Peerless Professional

  • Fiona is an amazing attorney, very smart, strategic, compassionate and tough when you need her to be. She was able to win sole custody for us and has continued to help us with any problematic situations that have arose as new situations occur. We have sent many friends and family members to her since as well and will continue to!
    – Fiona is a fantastic lawyer

  • Let me just start off by saying that my child custody battle has been complicated and long. Having had a bad experience early on in my custody battle, I must say I was a little reluctant when I stepped in to Del Re’s offices for the first time. However, Del Re and Fiona have been excellent! They are very personable, approachable, and are well respected by my judge and other attorneys. This is one law firm that provides continuity and stands by you in each of your darkest hours no matter what the opposing side says or fabricates. Before every hearing or deposition, you can tell that they have carefully prepared and are very familiar with the details of your case. Not only are Del Re and Fiona excellent attorneys, there legal staff – Nydia, Courtney, and Rachel – have been an amazing support system. They take a team approach to your case. The entire law firm has been behind my case 100%. If you are looking for a team that has your best interest in mind and willing to listen to your needs and worries during difficult situations, this is the right law firm. I have gone through a lot in the past several years and they have helped me get through all of it. I would like to thank Del Re and his team for all their hard work on my case. After so many difficult moments, particularly concerning my daughter’s safety and happiness, I can honestly say that Del Re and Fiona have fought for her best interest.
    – Custody for Dad

  • We hired Fiona A. McCormick from Del Re Law Group, P.C, to handle a very sensitive divorce. She was very compassionate and very through. She listened and made us very comfortable from our first conversation on the telephone. She informed us of the processed and was available whenever we called. Our case was handled very expeditiously. Fiona was very honest and very professional. I have never been in a lawyer’s office and felt very comfortable that my case was truly going to get such personal attention. I highly recommend Fiona and her firm. Fiona is the greatest. Love her. Thank you Fiona and staff. You guys are Rock Stars!!
    -Fiona A. McCormick – Outstanding Lawyer

  • I hired the Services of David Del Re and his law firm and was introduced to Fiona McCormick many times representing me during court hearings, etc. She was organized, gave me realistic expectations, and definitely knew my case as well as the facts of the case to speak to them in court proceedings. I am so thankful to as a Dad have sole custody of my 8 year old daughter and ensure she is on the right track. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Fiona McCormick using the material I had given her and the legal team and organized it in a way to state our evidence in the case clear and concisely. If you are looking for someone who is thorough and someone who knows the ins and outs of the Lake County System I recommend Fiona McCormick and the members of the David Del Re legal team to represent in a child custody dispute or any other Family Law matter.
    – Sole custody for Dad.

  • I was recommended Fiona McCormick of the Law Offices of David Del Re by a colleague. There are not enough words to describe the appreciation and the hard work Fiona did for myself and my kids.
    I consulted with Fiona McCormick and hired her to help me gain custody of my kids. From the moment I sat with Fiona, I knew she was a hard worker, tough and calculating. First, I had to overturn an OP, which the same office assisted with and did. After that, Fiona sought to give me sole decision making and majority parenting time. Throughout the process, Fiona communicated with me about every filing, every thought process she had and every option I had. She was always accessible too. I knew I could email her or call her office at anytime and she would make herself available to discuss the case. She was extremely courteous and listened to all my concerns which she would appropriately address in her filings. Her professionalism and her communication kept me calm and comfortable during an extremely stressful period.
    Even when the parenting agreement was established and the case was closed, Fiona took time to hear my concerns regarding any incident or problem that arose afterwards. She would reopen the case and continue her work.
    Of all my concerns, the greatest that Fiona looked after the most was the children’s interest. In every decision, she (and our GAL) made sure the interest and safety of the children was protected. In the end, not only did Fiona help me gain sole decision making and custody of my children, but she also put in stipulations to make sure the children were safe when they are with the other parent.
    I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a family attorney to seriously consider hiring Fiona McCormick. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do!
    – Fiona is an outstanding attorney!

  • Fiona assisted in my case for a trial and other matters and executed well. I am thankful for putting my faith on you and your team to assist in a custody matter. I appreciate the assistance and look forward to a lot of parenting time with my child. Thanks so much and continue your success as you continue to prosper in the legal community for doing whats right.
    – Custody!

  • When Fiona A McCormick, a partner within David Del Re’s Family Law Firm, took over my case 2 months before my final decree, I was literally on the fringe of losing everything. The two other law firm’s that represented me prior to Fiona were a disaster. They were not efficient, didn’t listen and kept continuing my case, delaying my Petitions, and wasting time and money. I ran out of most of my money and patience. Because these prior two attorneys were not listening to my claims, the judge did not really understand my situation. If I kept either of these 2 family attorneys, I would have received half of the marital debt and be saddled with large attorney fees with no positive results. Because of Fiona McCormick, my divorce was expertly and successfully represented. My case went from losing to winning very quickly, Fiona essentially changed my financial future to a better one for my 2 daughters and If you are looking for a law firm and an exceptional attorney with a very efficient and friendly staff, an attorney that has an excellent reputation within the law community, an attorney who really listens and understands your situation, be on top of your case, understands dissipation claims, and is efficient and knowledgeable in family law (she won’t waste your money), Fiona A. McCormick is the best family attorney that you can get. She even made me feel calm in a frantic time of my life! I am so appreciative of Fiona that when you hire Fiona, I am offering you to contact me personally if you want to feel at ease with your decision to hire Fiona and to further explain her expertise and caring nature. Just ask for my contact information and they will give it to you. Fiona is a real genuine diamond.
    – From loosing to winning my divorce

  • I was going through a divorce that was extremely unpleasant. My ex husband’s lawyer was friends with the judge and things just kept going his way. I hired Fiona”s office and they set Fiona as my lawyer. From the very beginning she was amazing. She made me feel like everything would be ok and she went to battle for me. She never waived in her beliefs on what was right. No matter how much his lawyer tried to sway her to agree to there terms, Fiona stood her ground and never waivered. When we walked into the courtroom I did so with my head held high knowing that no matter what she was there for me to make things right. I could never have asked for a better lawyer and would never choose another. No one can compare to the compassion and drive that this woman has for her clients. If your looking for the best lawyer you could ever ask for look no further because she’s right here. Thank you Fiona for everything you have done for me and my son. You truly are an amazing woman.
    – Couldn’t as far more

  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Steve
    April 27, 2022
    I hired Fiona for some child support modifications and agreements that were necessary well after my divorce was final. My only regret is that I didn’t meet her earlier and wasn’t able to hire her to handle my litigation from the very beginning. I have dealt with too many attorneys to even remember throughout the 10+ year ordeal of my divorce and Fiona is by far the best I’ve ever met. I know that if I had met her in the beginning, I would have had a much different and amicable outcome than I ended up with. I’ll start by saying that she was respectful of me as a client and, unlike many attorneys, didn’t try to force me into useless confrontation. She understood what I wanted and worked on my behalf for the solution which achieved the outcome I needed. She was easy to communicate with, responsive, and really made me feel like I finally had somebody on my side. That’s a feeling I hadn’t known for a LONG time. Fiona knows the law and will advise you in a straightforward manner about what is and isn’t possible: all while allowing you to make the ultimate decision on how things should go. She is the most professional attorney I’ve ever met. I don’t recall ever seeing her get flustered or caught off guard, either in front of the judge or because of another attorney. I’ve seen a lot of attorneys who talked a big game, but then fell apart in court. Fiona was very comfortable and professional in front of the judge. That is a very important thing to consider, especially if you are involved in a contentious divorce. Fiona helped me get to the finish line of my ordeal with dignity and respect, when I thought I was going to get put through the ringer one last time before it was all over. She didn’t let that happen to me. The only thing left for Fiona to do is to create the pre-nuptial agreements for my children when the time comes for them to marry. I won’t let them marry without it and I won’t use anyone else to do it but Fiona. The best decision you will ever make is to hire Fiona to represent you. If you still need convincing, she has my permission to allow you to contact me for a reference.
    – Fiona is the BEST Attorney I EVER Hired!