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Need to Appeal Your Criminal Conviction or Civil Judgment?

Let us navigate the complexities of the appellate court system and provide you with the second chance you deserve. When you or your loved one has been wrongfully convicted of a crime or did not receive a fair trial in a civil or criminal proceeding, the consequences can be devastating. But your fight does not have to end with the trial court’s judgment. You have the opportunity to seek justice in the appellate courts to overturn your conviction, sentence or adverse civil judgment.

The experienced appellate attorneys at Del Re Law Group will carefully review the record of your trial or hearing, identify the legal grounds on which to appeal, and draft an argument to convince the appellate court that you deserve justice. We have successfully handled both Civil and Criminal Appeals at the Appellate and Supreme Court levels in Illinois.

Even if you won your civil case in the trial court, your opponent may seek to have your victory overturned on appeal. If you do not defend the case in the appellate court, you risk forfeiting your rights and losing your case. Let our attorneys safeguard your interests and zealously defend against your opponent’s appeal.

If you are considering an appeal, time is of the essence. The appeals process has strict filing deadlines and requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for a consultation.

To learn more about how our attorneys can help you, schedule a confidential consultation with us. To secure an appointment, call our office at 847-625-9800 or complete our contact form.