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Experience In Dealing With The Division of Children And Family Services

If you have been accused of child abuse or neglect, Del Re Law Group, P.C has extensive experience dealing with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

An “Indicated Finding” from DCFS can impact all aspects of your life, including your profession, especially if you work with children or in the medical field. There could also be collateral consequences in the form of a criminal investigation, civil protective order or family court order that could adversely affect you. You could be prevented from volunteering at your children’s school or extracurricular activities based on an Indicated Finding by DCFS. These are not the cases to ignore, or to simply handle yourself.

Time is of the essence when dealing with DCFS. You may even be entitled to an expedited appeal to remove an Indicated Finding from your record. Don’t assume that a DCFS investigator will “do the right thing” and believe you. Del Re Law Group, P.C is here to assist you and protect you and your family during this process.

We represent individuals and families throughout all stages of DCFS investigations and appeals. We are aggressive trial attorneys who have a long record of success in obtaining findings of no abuse or neglect (Unfounded Reports) or overturning Indicated Findings. We have litigated these cases before the DCFS Administrative Law Judges and the Illinois courts, and been able to put families back together and get individuals back to work.

Del Re Law Group, P.C is ready to immediately help with any stage of the DCFS investigation or appeals process. There is no fee for the initial consultation.