Compassionate, Results-Driven Representation


  • Attorney John Radosevich is a fast, thorough thinker, and a strong advocate that puts his client’s interests first. He represented me to the fullest and ultimately got my strong prosecution case dismissed. I was able to meet the state attorney’s requirements with minimal disruption to life/employment, which was much more than what I was hoping for.

  • I’ve used this Law Firm on two different occasions, each time they were honest upfront professional and in the greater scheme of things … compared to Prior experiences I have had in the legal Community, this group comes over prepared to defend /support you. My experience was one of above and beyond in regards to their communication and clarity. I would highly recommend this group. John was my attorney and he was beyond reproach in his honesty and being upfront about my specific situation. As I’m writing this review I have no idea the outcome of my hearing however, I will say I do feel I received from John and his team ( Rachel & Elsa) the best representation I could possibly have ever obtained for my situation. Much appreciation.
    – Lisa