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3 sources of money you might forget about in a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Family Law

Being financially savvy can pay big dividends in life. Yet many spouses are happy to leave the financial side of things to their spouse. That can leave them at the risk of losing out if the marriage ends in a divorce.

Here are three less obvious sources of funds that you and your spouse might hold, that you could be entitled to:

1. Stock options

Some companies use stock options to attract and retain talent. They can be a great way of encouraging employees to do their best to help the company thrive – as doing so will increase the value of their stocks. If a company your spouse worked for has done well, check to see if they still hold those stocks as they might be worth much more than you think.

2. Incentive points or miles

Many companies use points or miles to encourage customers to stay loyal to them, rather than the competition. Sometimes your points won’t be worth much, but if you or your spouse regularly used the same credit card or traveled with the same airline then the total points or miles accrued may be significant enough to seek your share.

3. Joint memberships

If you are members of a country club or similar, then it’s worth checking the current cost. Some places can charge a lot to join and stay members. You won’t be the first member’s couple to divorce, so they may have options in place to split the membership or sell it altogether.

You certainly don’t have to seek a share of each and every item when you divorce. But you do need to understand the overall picture if you hope to get a fair share of the total.