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How do I get my license back after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | DUI

If you get a DUI, you will likely lose your license for at least some period of time. While the court can issue license revocations, more often, the order is administrative and comes from the law.

The Office of the Illinois Secretary of State explains you can get your license back after the required suspension time as long as the court has not extended the suspension period.


Before you can apply to reinstate your license, you will have to ensure to close all orders against your driving record. You also must pay a reinstatement fee, which is $250, but do note it is subject to change. Also, if you are a repeat offender, your fee doubles.

You also have to have a clean driving record, which may require you to attend classes or take other steps to remove any marks. The state requires you to get an evaluation for alcohol. If the evaluation shows you have a problem, then you will have to complete a treatment program. Regardless, you must complete a remedial alcohol program.

You must also attend a hearing and pay a $50 fee for that. The hearing requires you to show you understand that drunk driving is harmful and you promise to be a safe driver moving forward.

Final steps

After completing all the requirements, you must then retake the driver’s license exam and pay all associated costs. You also must show proof of insurance.

You can only receive your driver’s license back once you complete all steps to satisfy authorities. You will receive notice that your suspension is complete and you can pursue a new license.