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How to maintain job performance during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Family Law

One of the dangers of an Illinois divorce is that it can have far-reaching impacts in someone’s life beyond financial and emotional. An area of life that can be affected is one’s career as the stress of the divorce can distract focus and cause job performance to suffer. It is up to the employee to either make sure this does not happen or effectively communicate their circumstances.

Regardless of the relationship that the employee has with their boss, they must inform their supervisor that they are in the middle of the divorce. This will give the boss some context if the employee’s performance slips in any way. Otherwise, the boss has no way of knowing why their employee is failing to meet performance standards. Nonetheless, one should not overshare with their coworkers since there is little good that can come from it.

Much of the employee’s performance at work during the divorce depends on what they do outside of work. They need to find a support network and adopt a spirit of forgiveness. Whether they are able to move past the divorce may dictate how they perform in other areas of their life. Eventually, if the person realizes the role that they played in the divorce and asks themselves the right questions, they will be able to return to normal functioning in every area of their life in a short time.

In order to be able to focus on things such as work and emotional healing, one should turn to a family law attorney to handle the details of the divorce. When one is too closely involved in their divorce, not only can it ratchet up the stress level, but it can also lead to needless conflict since they cannot detach themselves from the situation to compromise with their spouse.