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Life after a DUI conviction

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2019 | DUI

Everyone makes mistakes. In one way or another, everyone makes a mistake that they wish they could take back, but you can’t. For some people, their most significant error is drinking and driving.

A DUI conviction is the mistake that follows you throughout your life. There are moments where you wish you can drive back in time to stop yourself, but you can’t. So what can drivers expect from life after a DUI conviction?

A new outlook on driving

Most drivers know that DUIs end in hefty fines and a mark on your driving record. But what does that mean for your driving future? In Illinois, you automatically receive a suspension on your license.

Before a conviction, you have a suspended license up to one year if you are a repeat offender and first-time offenders lose their license for three months. After a conviction, a license suspension lasts between one year and ten years.

Along with a license suspension, you could receive an ignition interlock device – a device which tests your BAC every time you drive your vehicle. It’s for repeat offenders, but the judge determines when it’s appropriate. There’s also the risk of high insurance rates for up to ten years.

A new outlook on your career

A DUI doesn’t only show up on your driving record. Most employers see DUI convictions through background checks, and it may result in you losing a current position or not being hired in the future.

process and are used as an influential factor when a company is choosing between multiple applicants. It’s also a significant factor when the position requires driving or consistent transportation, such as truck drivers, bus drivers or traveling sales.

DUIs also affect current positions through limited access to transportation, time off for division programs and the loss of professional licenses for lawyers, nurses and other workers. It’s possible to lose a current job as an unintentional side-effect of a DUI conviction.

Luckily, you don’t have to live your life tied to a DUI conviction. There are many ways to challenge and fight a charge, as long as you have the right representation with you. Consider consulting with an expert before the mark permanently sits on your criminal record.