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Building credibility in court during your divorce

On Behalf of | May 27, 2023 | Family Law

Given the complexity of many splits, it is not unusual to feel frustrated and emotional. However, allowing these feelings to control your behavior can backfire miserably in a court of law.

As you prepare for divorce court, it is imperative that you recognize the importance of your reputation. Your effort to build credibility with the court from the beginning could have a considerable impact on your settlement.

Observe your appearance

Dress the part when you plan to attend a court hearing. Maintain a professional persona. This means selecting clothing that is not too eccentric or revealing. Dress as if you were to attend a professional business gathering. Have good hygiene and arrive at all court dates on time. Consider arriving with a few minutes to spare so you can gather your thoughts and get your emotions under control.

Make eye contact

When a judge asks you questions, make eye contact. Sit up straight and be mindful of your body language. Refrain from speaking disrespectfully, rolling your eyes or making dramatic gasps. When you have a turn to speak, thank the court for their time when you conclude.

Communicate directly and confidently

Knowing your ex is in the same room as you might tempt you to make personal comments. Despite the emotion, you may feel, communicate directly to the authority asking the questions. Speak with confidence and dignity. According to Psychology Today, one of the best ways to keep your emotions in check during a divorce is to slow down and take a deep breath.

It could benefit you to practice calming techniques prior to your court date. This can give you an opportunity to practice controlling your emotions before you must for real. Implementing these suggestions into your behavior can help you build credibility with the court.