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Steps in the process to modify child support in Illinois

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Family Law

In Illinois, the court recognizes that financial circumstances can change for either parent and the children following a court-ordered child support agreement.

To accommodate those changes, you can file for a modification of child support.

Prepare and file the forms

Requesting child support modification means you must complete and file all the necessary paperwork and provide the supplemental documentation to start the process. Forms you will need include:

  • The Petition for Modification of Child Support
  • A copy of the most recent child support order
  • A child support information sheet
  • An application to waive court fees, if applicable

Once you complete all the paperwork, you file it with the circuit clerk in your area, which could require filing them electronically. File everything through the courthouse where the judge ordered your original child support agreement.

Inform the other parent

Next, you should inform the other parent of your modification claim. Mail them a stamped copy of the petition, file for certification through to the circuit clerk to show you mailed it and mail a copy of the certificate of mailing to the other parent as well.

Prepare for the hearing

Now you can request a hearing date and prepare to provide testimony. As the parent filing for the modification, you will need to present evidence supporting your petition and explain to the court what you want them to do. Your testimony should match what you already outlined in your petition.

As a general rule, the court must consider whether your request is in the best interests of your child above all else.