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Consider whether alcohol abuse should shift custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Family Law

Allegations of alcohol abuse during custody arrangements or modifications are serious claims. They may have serious impacts in Illinois courts as well.

Proving these allegations may help get your children out of harm’s way. Sometimes alcoholism seriously impacts the ability to parent. Disproving these allegations may help retain your contact with your children and preserve your reputation.

Proving alcohol abuse

As the American Bar Association details, there are several ways to provide evidence of parental alcohol abuse. Sometimes there is already a history that you know about, such as medical records that indicate excessive use like liver damage. Other times there is a criminal record of DUI arrests and court-mandated treatment programs.

Another method is an EtG test, which can help determine whether your ex ingested alcohol within 80 days of the test.

Disproving alcohol abuse

Witness testimony may support you when attempting to disprove these claims. Even if you do suffer from alcohol dependency, showing the courts that it does not intrude on your ability to raise your children may go a long way. Documentation like successful rehab or support group attendance may likewise show that you can manage things enough to maintain custody.

Adjusting or not adjusting

This is a sensitive subject that involves you or your ex’s continued contact with your children, as well as the children’s potential safety. There is more information to help understand your unique situation. When navigating the complex topic of child custody modification, it is important to lean on your resources in order to make sure you have the evidence to support your case.