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Can your back injury put you out of work?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Personal Injury

Back injuries make up the number one reason that workers across the globe take time out of work. However, these injuries can often cause an even bigger and more brutal impact than people expect.

In fact, a back injury could easily put someone out of work in both the short term and even the long term. But how?

Inflammation in a back injury

According to Cleveland Clinic, back injuries can easily put a person out of work. This is due to the fact that back injuries involving muscles only heal through rest, and back injuries involving the spine require extensive recovery periods.

When a person injures their muscles, they need to wait until the inflammation fully dies down first. Unfortunately, many people return to work before this happens. This causes them to continue aggravating the injury and worsening it, which may result in the worker having to take off more time than they would have if they simply rested until the initial injury healed.

Of course, spinal injuries can result in extensive problems that require hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation and more. These injuries can have a permanent impact on a victim’s mobility and may result in crippling chronic pain.

Struggling with work

Victims who suffer from either injury could find themselves out of work temporarily. Of course, the more severe an injury is and the longer the recovery time, the more likely a person is to need to find new work. But mobility issues and other problems can make finding a new job difficult, too.

Of course, with the expenses for medical care, work remains a necessity. This is why many back injury victims will seek financial compensation to help bridge the gap in the meantime.