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DUI, loss of driving privileges and career support

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | DUI

Regardless of the outcome of a DUI, all offenders will see an impact on their driving privileges at some point. While inconvenient for anyone, the frustration of not having a license can especially challenge people who rely on driving as a career.

Persons whose jobs require driving may have the option of securing a restricted driver’s license. However, they must meet specific requirements to secure these privileges.

Restricted driving permit

Just because people rely on driving for their job does not automatically qualify them for a restricted driving permit. According to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, an offender can petition and request an RDP, but a decision only comes after a thorough review of the offender’s record. Officials may assess the driving patterns, past convictions and the circumstances surrounding a DUI. This allows them to assess the risks to the public of an offender operating on a limited license.

Offenders also have to persuasively prove that their livelihood relies on driving. They must demonstrate how the complete removal of their driving privileges would cause hardship. In some cases, officials may require proof of their participation in remedial education as part of the conditions of receiving an RDP.

Other options

If offenders fail to meet the criteria for an RDP or the courts deny their request, they will need to consider other options. Choosing to operate a vehicle without legal licensure can only exacerbate problems and can result in ongoing legal trouble. Under these circumstances, people may consider finding another job until the courts reinstate their driving privileges. They may also reach out to their employer and express their interest in returning to their former job as soon as they can address the consequences of a DUI.

One way that people can better control the outcome of a DUI is with the help of a trustworthy legal professional. Carefully following the lead of an attorney, people facing a DUI conviction can have a more confident idea of what to expect. With this information, they can begin doing the work to rebuild their life and plan for the future.