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Surviving divorce in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Family Law

Going through a divorce has a profound impact on every aspect of your life. Not only are you facing the prospect of reentering the dating world as a single person, but you also have to consider the financial ramifications. Divorcees should take the time to educate themselves on how to survive divorce emotionally, financially and mentally.

Consider a therapist

In many cases, divorce can be a traumatic experience. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, one party may have been the victim of mental, emotional or physical abuse. In those cases, working with a therapist can help when dealing with the emotional and mental aspects associated with the end of a marriage.

Create a budget

Going from living on two incomes to being your own provider can be stressful. Creating a budget is vital for everyone, especially people who are coming out of a marriage. Take the time to sit down and create a written budget that allows for all of your expenses, and be prepared to live by it going forward.

Take the time to focus on you

Many divorcees fall into the trap of trying to rush into a new relationship to try to fill the void left by the dissolution of their marriage. As tempting as it can be to immediately find someone else, don’t skip out on focusing on yourself. Spend some time evaluating where you are in life compared to you want to be and work toward that goal.

It is also important that you choose an experienced family law attorney when dealing with a divorce. This attorney may not only represent you in any negotiations with your former spouse, but he or she might also become a close confidant and help guide you through these uncharted waters.