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What are some common types of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Criminal Defense

When it comes to incidents of domestic abuse, many people in Illinois may think in terms of physical assault that causes injuries. However, physical assault is only one type of domestic abuse. There are many categories of abusive behaviors that can put a victim at serious risk.

Common types of domestic violence

Any form of domestic violence can have lasting consequences on victims. In many instances, abusers will attempt to maintain dominance over their victims through controlling behavior, which could include:

  • Monitoring phone calls or refusing to allow the victim to receive phone calls or texts
  • Unexpectedly checking up on the victim out of a sense of possessiveness
  • Refusing to allow the victim to have personal space and time alone

Another type of domestic violence, physical abuse, occurs whenever an abuser demonstrates physically aggressive behavior that causes injury to the victim. Physical abuse can also include a threat of physical harm in an effort to intimidate the victim. Depriving a victim of physical needs, such as sleep, money, food or help, can also be classified as physical abuse.

One of the most frequently occurring types of domestic abuse, verbal abuse, occurs whenever an abuser uses coercion, threats or blame to embarrass or threaten a victim. Name-calling, yelling or harassing are all forms of verbal abuse. In extreme situations, an abuser may threaten to injure or kill the victim, his or her children or the pets.

How often do false allegations occur?

Domestic violence incidents happen on a daily basis across the United States. While many cases are legitimate, unfortunately, false allegations of domestic abuse are more common than you may think. An accuser with malice or bad intentions can easily take advantage of the domestic violence response system. Being charged with any crime can be incredibly stressful. If you’ve been accused of a domestic violence incident, consider consulting with a criminal defense attorney.