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Visitation transportation: Things every parent should know

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Family Law

If you’re going through a divorce in Illinois, you may notice that every detail of your child’s handling and well-being going forward will be recorded by the court. One of the lesser-known areas that parents should take the time to craft out properly includes the visitation transportation plans that you will have between yourself and your ex-spouse. The following includes some important information to keep in mind.

What should be included in your plan

Along with your family law attorney, the courts will want to have a detailed list regarding the transportation plan. Some of the items that you want to include in your personal plan should revolve around logistics and the safety of the child. For example, who’s going to drive the child and on what days? What type of safety seat will the child be strapped into, if necessary for their age and size? Voice any concerns, such as the logistics of air transportation for long-distance visits.

If your spouse doesn’t want to provide transportation

In some cases, one spouse will downright refuse to provide transportation for the child. Often, parents will think that this allows them to refuse visitation. The reality is that even if the other parent doesn’t want to provide transportation, it is still their right to see their child. In the end, you may need to provide the transportation yourself.

Tense situations and drop-offs

Unfortunately, many marriages end because one spouse has become too aggressive, and the other spouse deems it safer for them to remove themselves from that situation. However, when the courts have issued orders for child visitation rights, you are obligated to follow those orders. This can be frightening to the spouse who left due to the other person’s potentially violent nature. What can you do to avoid tense situations and feel safer? One of the best ways to follow your child custody order and remain safe is to choose a neutral spot to handle the transportation. This may include a heavily populated parking lot or even a police station.

Divorce can be a complex and tense process to go through. You may want an experienced legal team behind you to ensure that your needs and the needs of your child are met.