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Illinois school bus driver arrested for drinking while driving

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | DUI

A 44-year-old Illinois school bus driver was arrested and charged with a criminal offense for reportedly drinking on the job. A video allegedly captured the driver drinking beer while driving a bus. The woman was fired from her job and arrested on Nov. 25.

The Aurora Police Department was contacted by the First Student Bus Company to report the woman. A convenience store clerk had reportedly notified the company that the woman purchased some beer and then got onto the school bus on Nov. 15. The police then collected video evidence and witness reports. They found that the woman picked up the bus at 6 a.m., completed a route, and then purchased beer. The officers stated that they reviewed the surveillance video and learned that 32 children were on the bus when the woman was drinking the beer.

The woman was charged with endangering the lives of children and was released on bond. Her first court appearance was scheduled for Dec. 27. It is unclear whether she still has a valid commercial driver’s license.

A DUI charge can have lasting consequences. An alleged offender might lose their driving privileges as well as face jail time, heavy fines and mandatory alcohol classes. Someone who is facing DUI charges might want to retain a defense lawyer for help. If a lawyer is contacted quickly, they might be able to protect their client’s driving privileges through an administrative hearing. The attorney might also review how the stop and investigation were conducted to see if the police made mistakes. If there were errors in procedure, the lawyer might file evidentiary motions to challenge the admissibility of some of the evidence against the client. This might result in a dismissal of the charges or a favorable plea offer.