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This is what occurs after a drunk driving arrest

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | DUI

A DUI traffic stop in Illinois is only the beginning of the legal process for the driver who has been arrested. However, many people do not know what happens after they have been apprehended for DUI. Here is a brief description of what happens right after an arrest for drunk driving.

The first that happens after an arrest is that the suspects are taken to the police station and booked. This involves getting information about them, checking their criminal history and taking fingerprints and a mug shot. The driver will then be placed in jail or in a holding cell temporarily. This will not be indefinite as bail will be set soon after their arrest. This is the money that they must pay so they can leave jail. It is meant to ensure that they will show up at a subsequent trial.

Bail will usually be set at the police station. A judge may also decide bail. Whether bail is set and how much is required depends in large part on the drivers’ criminal record and whether they are deemed a flight risk. Bail can only be denied when certain conditions are met. In some cases, drivers may even be released on their own recognizance and no bond will even be required.

When people are stopped for DUI, they become part of the criminal law system, even if the crime that they are charged with is a misdemeanor. They will benefit from the services of a DUI attorney who is familiar with the system and how it works. Chances are that most drivers will be offered a plea agreement, and the attorney may advise on whether the terms of the deal that is offered are appropriate for clients based on their record.