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What is domestic violence in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Claims of domestic violence are very serious and can be addressed in both the civil and criminal courts in Illinois. When allegations of physical violence or harm are made against an Illinois resident, they may have to defend themselves against these charges. Convictions on criminal domestic violence charges, including domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery, can have significant consequences that may affect the individual’s rights.

Domestic violence may occur when a person inflicts harm against someone in their family. The alleged harm may be emotional, physical or sexual. Many different family relationships are covered by the state’s domestic violence laws, including but not limited to spouses, dating partners, roommates and caregivers.

When a person claims that someone has committed domestic violence, they may choose to pursue an order of protection. An order of protection can limit where the alleged perpetrator may go, who they may contact and how they may interact with others in their households or families. Also called restraining orders, orders of protection may sever the contact that individuals have with the people they love but in some cases defenses can be prepared to prevent this from occurring.

If charges of domestic violence are made against an individual, that person can take legal steps to protect their rights and reputation. They do not have to sit back and let domestic violence charges ruin their life – instead, they may use criminal defense strategies to protect themselves and their future. Support for individuals facing domestic violence charges can be sought from professionals who work in both the criminal defense field of law.